The multi-camera system for all.

  • Array Plus - Full System
  • Array Plus - Closeup
  • Array Plus - Flash
  • Array Plus - Preview Monitor
  • Array Plus - Server Box

    The Array Plus is a sleek and compact multi-camera system that captures single moments in time and turns them into 3D animations for instant social sharing. It’s purpose-built for photographers, event specialists and content creators looking to bring animated image-making to events and occasions of all sizes.

    capture A
    capture B
    capture C
    capture D
    capture E
    capture F

    Here's what you get with the Array Plus:

    unmatched image quality

    Our professional optics and lighting setup makes users look their best, and our proprietary software smooths and optimizes animations for fluid output.

    ease of operation

    The streamlined, portable system can be comfortably transported, and set up by one person in about twenty minutes.

    crowdpleasing experience

    Intuitive user experience and real time social sharing capabilities keeps guests posting and liking and coming back for more.


    Professional grade photographic equipment, proven hardware, and built in internet capability means you’re always ready to shoot.

    service + support

    Cloud-based software makes managing jobs and events quick and easy, and our team provides introductory training and technical support when you need it.

    customizable output

    User-friendly backend tools allow you to offer clients a range of customization options, from basic logos and custom email copy to beautiful graphic overlays.

    And here's what you literally get:

    the system

    1. Array Plus multi-camera unit
    2. Compact flash
    3. Preview and sharing station with built in 4G LTE, WiFi, and hardline internet capabilities
    4. Travel case
    *operator not included

    + the backend

    Our cloud-based management software allows you to easily quarterback your jobs from home-base, as well as parse valuable data and analytics for your clients.

    + our backup

    Technical assistance, staff training, and helpful tips and tricks from our team will make launching the Array Plus as a product offering smooth and easy. Basically, we’ve got your back.

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